At Red Carnation Hotels, we are immensely proud to home such dedicated and passionate teams. Our Hidden Heroes campaigns seeks to highlight such members of the Red Carnation family, and the excellent work that they do. To continue this, we are thrilled to introduce Jurga Balezentyte, a celebrated member of The Chesterfield Mayfair and the second member of our Hidden Heroes campaign.

Who is Jurga Balezentyte?

Jurga is the Property Manager here at The Chesterfield.

How long has Jurga worked at The Chesterfield, Mayfair?

Jurga joined us in 2004 as a Room Attendant, and since joining, continued to progress through the housekeeping department. Her 18 years with us thus far has seen her develop from Room Attendant through to Housekeeping Supervisor, Executive Housekeeper, and now, Property Manager.

As Property Manager Jurga is responsible for not only ensuring that our hotel is maintained at the highest of standards, but for protecting the health and safety of both our guests and teams at The Chesterfield.

How has Jurga influenced life at The Chesterfield over the last 18 years?

Jurga is an esteemed member of the senior management team and over the last 18 years she has been an unwavering positive force at The Chesterfield. Across her various roles she has shown continued commitment to promoting a positive working environment for her team, and thanks to her great experience, is always willing to support any department or answer any question. During her time here, she has also seen many of the junior managers be promoted internally, and is passionate about building an established team who, whilst having worked together for many years, are welcoming and encouraging to new additions along the way.

Is there anything else you would like to highlight?

Jurga is an emblem of the Red Carnation ethos and our ‘whatever, whenever’ approach. She is always on hand to ensure that our guests’ experiences are nothing short of perfection, and consistently pre-empts their requirements or anticipates thoughtful touches to enhance their stay. Her commitment to our guests’ satisfaction and her warm and inviting persona is encapsulated by the long-lasting connections that she has built with some of our regular guests over the years.